A Quick Guide on How to Use a Vacuum Pump on an Air Conditioner

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

What is a vacuum pump? Well, most people have actually seen one in action when they were in high school; most science teachers perform a little experiment where they use a special tool to create a partial vacuum inside a glass container by sucking any gas out of it. It turns out that such vacuums also have other very interesting uses, and so vacuum pumps were made with the objective to completely clear out any closed areas of gas molecules. Air conditioners require this type of maintenance and if one does not use a vacuum pump from time to time on their air conditioner, they may need to start looking for a new one sooner than expected. In any case, here is a brief guide on how to operate a vacuum pump on an air conditioner.

3 Last Steps You Should Do Before Using The Vacuum Pump

Most vacuum pumps are specifically made for cleaning out the air conditioning system found in homes, and luckily they don’t cost much and are very easy to operate.  You will first need to lower the pressure port on the system which is done by hooking up a thing called the refrigerant gauge manifold. While the name may be fancy it is generally just a blue hose which comes with the gauges.

In any case, if you look at your gauge set there should be a place for the vacuum pump connector right in the middle of it. You need to use the gauge manifold in order not to lose the vacuum inside the air conditioning system. Once the vacuum reaches somewhere around 26 to 28 Hg, leave it on for half an hour, after which you simply need to close the valve and kill the pump. However, you must leave the gauges connected for another thirty minutes, after which you should take the time to check if the vacuum is still there; if not, you are facing a leak. If everything is alright, you can safely add the refrigerant into the mix by connecting it to the center port of the manifold gauges. Once that is done, simply turn on your air conditioning system and open the low pressure manifold to let the refrigerant flow into the system.

Best Air Conditioner For South Florida Climate

best energy star air conditioner

best energy star air conditioner

The climate of South Florida is of a sub-tropical type and hence it is quite humid. It experiences hot summers with frequent showers. Hence air conditioners are an essential part of a household. However experts say that the climate ofSouth Florida is such that portable air conditioners are not so useful there as they keep only one room cool. It is best to install a central air conditioning appliance for best cooling results.

Here are some points to note when buying air conditioner South Florida. You must calculate the area of the house and the cooling level that is desired. The size of the appliance will depend on that calculation. There are a number of service providers that sell best air conditioner brand and offer the best quality services to their customers. Along with installation of best air conditioners South Florida, they give you estimates of the systems that you want to purchase or replace. Discounts are also given when work is done.

Always Choose Authorized HVAC Installation Center

Some of the well known service providers of best air conditioner South Florida are , Palm Air, FLL Air, Cool Air USA and others that have a team of experienced workers who will give you full service in installing and maintenance of the air conditioners. The best known brands are namely Trane, Rheem, York, Carrier and others.

Whenever you intend to install an air conditioner either for your home or office, go for the best air conditioner brand. Electrical appliances are very delicate objects and the brands do matter. Established manufacturers will never use any sub-standard materials for reputation’s sake. So consult the reliable authorities, take their opinions about the size that will be suitable and the brand that is the best air conditioner for South Florida.

How Often Should I Clean My Roof?

roof cleaning

roof cleaning

Many people have the notion that roofs are maintenance free. However, this is not the case at all. If roofs are not inspected every few months, debris  can collect in some areas and cause serious damage. It is a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof at the change of every season. If you see anything that is questionable call your roofing contractor. He can not only do a professional inspection, but he can also make any needed repairs before too much damage occurs.

How often you need to perform a roof pressure wash will depend on the climate where your home is located. It should usually be done at least every three or four years. This will help keep the roof areas free from debris. It will also keep trouble areas from collecting various seasonal hazards such as leaves and twigs or even fallen branches.

Always Look For Licensed And Insured Roofing Contractor

Another benefit of a professional roof pressure wash is to keep down the occurrence of mold or mildew. This is especially important in climates that are conducive to such growths. Keeping your roof free from fungus and mildew will even help you save on your utilities. When a roof is covered with fungus, mold or moss it will cause it to absorb more heat and cause an increase in your air conditioning bill in the summer. If left too long they can cause much damage and even health hazards for those who live in the residence. Homes in these types of areas may benefit from a yearly washing.

How often you clean your roof will really depend on the climate. Always schedule a pressure washing when the temperatures are above freezing. If it is done when the temperature is close to freezing it can cause damage to the drains and gutters.

How Heat Pumps Works In Different Seasons?

Heat Pumps in different seasons

Heat Pumps in different seasons

Inside the heat pump coolant (refrigerant) passes through a heat exchanger called the evaporator, gives collected from the environment (air, water reservoirs, etc.) into the internal heat of the heat pump circuit. The internal circuit of the heat pump is filled with refrigerant (e.g., Freon), which is having a very low boiling point, passing through the evaporator, passes from liquid to gaseous state. From the evaporator refrigerant gas at a temperature of about 5 ° C enters the compressor where is compressed to high temperature and pressure. Further compressed and heated gas enters the second heat exchanger (condenser), where the heat transfer between hot gas and coolant piping from heating the house. Thus, low-grade heat from the coolant was transferred to the coolant heating system. The whole process is similar to a domestic refrigerator, which most of us face at home every day. Therefore it is often referred to as the heat pump condenser “reverse.”

The work of the heat pump in heating mode (winter)

Low-temperature side (evaporator) is a heat exchanger “Water – Refrigerants.” Heat water in it through the pipeline (water) is transferred to working fluid heat pump (refrigerant), after which the compression in the compressor heat is transferred to the air in the condenser (heat exchanger “Air – Refrigerants”). The heat produced water at a temperature of 4 ° C to +32 ° C, maximum efficiency is provided in the temperature range 15 – 30 ° C. With such a temperature range of TNU current demand of electricity in 3 – 6 times lower than the transmitted heat.

The work of the heat pump in cooling mode (Summer)

Reversing valve changes the direction of the refrigerant in the air conditioner, heat treatment and the function of heat exchangers and heat is transferred through the pipeline with water. In the low-temperature air heating side (evaporator) is a heat exchanger “Water – Refrigerants,” it warm water is passed Refrigerants, after compression, which in the compressor, heat at a higher level of air is passed into the condenser (heat exchanger “Air – Refrigerants”). In the cooling mode by switching the reversing valve, heat exchangers, change functions.

The importance Of Condenser Hard Start

hard start

hard start

Sometimes, an air conditioner will not start under standard conditions. This is where,installing a hard start in your air conditioning system will be of great help.But,we first need to understand as to what a hard start is and  also why it important to install it in our air conditioners.

Nearly all single phase air conditioners use non-bleed thermostatic expansion valves (TXV’s) to control refrigerant. This is the valve that senses the system temperature and pressure and adjusts the flow of Freon to maintain the required room temperature .Problems occur with the TXV’s, when a reciprocating compressor were to shut off. When this happens, the refrigerant pressure does not equalize completely. This puts a lot of load on the compressor.It can also happen if the voltage is low.Your air conditioner will  just not start. This is where the hard start or start assist becomes indispensable. To avoid this kind of problem and to increase starting torque, a start assist or hard start kit is used.The high start current, produced by the hard start ,increases the starting torque of the compressor motor high enough that, the motor will start even though the refrigerant pressures haven’t equalized or there is a voltage fluctuation

Keep Your System Efficient With Hard Start Install

There also certain benefits in using hard start in your air conditioning systems. Energy saving being the watch word, we go “GREEN” by using these kits as they save energy and at the same time reduce our power bills.Start up time get reduced by as much as 50%. For the compressor,start up time is the most stressful period. The start-up causes heat to build up in the windings of the compressor. By using the hard start, you will be able to reduce this heat and at the same time, extend the life of the compressor.

There are 2 types of hard starts you can opt for.There are the 2 wire and 3 wire kits available.The 3 wire kit is generally used by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). The 2 wire kits are preferred by technician’s as they are easy to install and are more economical.

It is of great importance for you to install the hard start in your air conditioners .By saving energy; we can contribute to making the world a better place to live in.