How Often Should I Clean My Roof?

roof cleaning

roof cleaning

Many people have the notion that roofs are maintenance free. However, this is not the case at all. If roofs are not inspected every few months, debrisĀ  can collect in some areas and cause serious damage. It is a good idea to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof at the change of every season. If you see anything that is questionable call your roofing contractor. He can not only do a professional inspection, but he can also make any needed repairs before too much damage occurs.

How often you need to perform a roof pressure wash will depend on the climate where your home is located. It should usually be done at least every three or four years. This will help keep the roof areas free from debris. It will also keep trouble areas from collecting various seasonal hazards such as leaves and twigs or even fallen branches.

Always Look For Licensed And Insured Roofing Contractor

Another benefit of a professional roof pressure wash is to keep down the occurrence of mold or mildew. This is especially important in climates that are conducive to such growths. Keeping your roof free from fungus and mildew will even help you save on your utilities. When a roof is covered with fungus, mold or moss it will cause it to absorb more heat and cause an increase in your air conditioning bill in the summer. If left too long they can cause much damage and even health hazards for those who live in the residence. Homes in these types of areas may benefit from a yearly washing.

How often you clean your roof will really depend on the climate. Always schedule a pressure washing when the temperatures are above freezing. If it is done when the temperature is close to freezing it can cause damage to the drains and gutters.

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